Rolling a Cigarette With a Rolling Machine – A Handy Guide

There are plenty of cigarette rollers and machines on the market today. Whether you are using a manual or electric machine, this handy guide will provide you with tips and important information on how you can make the most of your machine. Continue reading


Hand Rolled Cigarettes vs. Store Bought Ones – Which Is Better?

1Rollies or roll-your-own-cigarettes have become incredibly popular in the United States, especially in recent years. With the average U.S. state tax rate being $1.65 per pack (for factory made cigarettes), this isn’t surprising news. Moreover, thirty-four states have tax rates for cigarettes higher than $1 per pack! This may cause some people to switch to hand-rolled cigarettes – an economically wise decision. Continue reading

Rolling Your Own Cigarettes Is Actually Cheaper

1USA seems to be kicking (or trying to kick) its smoking habit faster than before. According to a new government report by the CDC, rate of smoking among U.S. adults fell to 15% in 2015. This rapid decline has been the largest yet in 20 years! Idealists would like to believe that people are finally thinking about their health but the real reason for this decline could also be raising tax rates per cigarette packet. Continue reading

What Materials Make The Best Rolling Papers? Hemp Vs. Rice!

Rolling papers can be made from a wide variety of materials. The very first rolling papers were probably made from wood pulp—not really the healthiest of choices. However, it is the same material used to make all sorts of ordinary papers today.

However, around the 19th century, smokers began becoming more health conscious and switched to less harmful alternatives like rice papers. Continue reading

The Possibilities of Rolling Paper


Liane Mathes Rabbath has spent 20 years experimenting with the diverse medium of collage, creating elaborate geometric works out of cigarette papers and cardWhen Liane Mathes

Rabbath moved from her native Luxembourg to Lebanon over two decades ago, she began working as an artist for the first time. Coming into contact with prominent Lebanese artists including Paul Guiragossian and his children, and Tania Bakalian Safieddine, she began working with collage, a medium that still captivates her more than 20 years later.


Working with the delicate tissues of cigarette papers and their colourful cardboard packaging, Rabbath rolls, cuts, folds and manipulates the papers to create elaborate geometric works that demonstrate how versatile a seemingly straightforward medium can be. Many of her works display the distinctive orange, blue and gold cardboard packing of Damascus papers, adorned with calligraphy that combines with her geometric aesthetic to produce works with a distinctly Oriental feel.


For her latest solo show, Arty Bubble, which runs from November 24 to December 1 at Galerie Ghandour in Minet el Hosn, Downtown Beirut, Rabbath has taken a break from the elaborate, calligraphy adorned packaging of Damascene Waraq al-Sham or Lebanese Al-Rashid papers to try her hand at something a bit different. Taking an abstract approach, she has constructed basic geometric shapes from her signature cigarette papers, enhanced with repetitive patterns and an array of bright, energetic colours.


Rabbath’s painstaking work requires a steady hand and a patient character. Each of her elaborate collages can take between one and three weeks to complete, sometimes even longer if she paints over the papers with oil paint.

The artist says that her art is often inspired by the abstract designs she sees in churches and mosques, but that it evolves naturally as she works, so that by the time she finishes the result is as much of a surprise to her as to her viewers.

By Irene McConnell

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